The vast majority of our time here at Ghost Express is spent sourcing and containing ghosts for your frenemies’ enjoyment (or lack thereof). This is difficult, dangerous work requiring seasoned professionals, and we’ve sourced some of the best who graciously volunteer their services in order to find lost ghosts new homes.


A former cohort of the Chicago Ghost Hunting Society, Johnny has been spelunking into old, abandoned infrastructure for half his life. He specializes in luring ghosts whose homes have been destroyed, replaced or removed, so they can hopefully find peace in the afterlife. 


Being a natural Ginger, Jaku’s lack of soul renders him invisible to all supernatural beings. This unintended superpower allows him to sneak up on all manner of spooky things and ship them back to us for processing.


K3GGY’s origin is as mysterious as his appearance. Barely anyone on Earth has had a first-hand encounter with it, and the photo above is the only known to exist. K3GGY has been our primary contributor of ghosts since our inception, for reasons he refuses to elaborate on. He and his actions will forever be an anomaly.


Newcomer “Barb” brings something nobody else has to the team – A TRUCK! His enchanted transportation vessel is able to hold nearly 1/4 of our entire inventory and haul it across the country at any time, making him an invaluable resource for our coastal distribution centers.